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New Mexico survival tips.

  • From: John M . Brown
  • Date: Tue Jun 06 10:27:37 2000

Just thought I'd let people know.

When in the southwest please note that the temperatures during the day
can get as high as 100 in Jun, and into the 50's at nite.

Make sure you DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (beer doesn't work)   You can dehydrate
out here pretty easily.  Please DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  

The age old way of knowing is how often you have to goto the WC.  If you aren't
going at least 3 times a day, you are not drinking enough water.

If you plan to go hiking, rafting, ballooning, please make sure you wear the 
appropriate clothes.  Good shoes, cotton socks, long pants (jeans), good
shirt, maybe even bring some gloves (work type).  

A hat is a good idea, along with maybe sun block if you plan to be outside.
Sunblock is important for light or fair skin'd people, or those that burn easy.

Also keep in mind that we are 6000++ feet above sea level.  That means the O2 is
a little thinner here.  Take your time, and rest if you need to.

One of the MOST important things to bring with you is your Camera.  We have wonderful
sun rises and sun sets.  Lots of views of mountains, people, culture.

If you go for a drive, take water, plenty of water.  If you go hiking, take water, plenty
of water.

If you drink (beer that is, or good scotch) then drink plenty of water, less you have
massive headache in the morning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in ABQ.  Safe journey.