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Final Balloon Update

  • From: John M . Brown
  • Date: Tue Jun 06 10:20:08 2000

Ok, here is the list of people I have.  If your name has a star by it, it means
I received a confirm email from you.  If you don't have a star it means I got
email from you and you have interest.

If you didn't get to confirm, you might still have a chance, but I need to know today.

Please only send me email about this if you are:

* Not currently confirmed and want to be confirmed

* Need to cancel.

Sunday morning, we need to be at the balloon field by 6am, thus that means we will
leave the hotel around 5:00 to 5:15.  I am currently attempting to arrange a bus to haul
us all out there.  Details to follow on that.

Wear, jeans, light jacket, sun glasses, good shoes (no sandles, flops, etc) Basicly
out door stuff.  You might want to bring some water with you also.

And of course DON"T forget the Camera.  Take Pictures.

You will need to get me your check by Saturday evening.  Some of you will be arriving
late, don't worry, I'll be up! :)  got a network to build.

Goto the registeration (nanog reg) desk and follow the directions.

Cash or Check only please (prefer check)


* Adam Waters
* Bill Manning
* Cathy Chen
* Craig Labovitz
* Dave Diller
* Dee McKinney
* E Paul Love
* Ed Kern
* Frank Kastenhol
* Franklyn Howell
* Greg Mirsky
* Ida Leung
* Joel Krauska
* Joseph Klein
* Karl Brumund
* Lauren F. Nowlin
* Louis Lee
* Megan Hammar
* R.P. Aditya
* Robert E. Seastrom
* Sara Labovitz
* Ted Beatie
* William F. Maton
Dmitri Krioukov
Gene Jakominich
Ginna Musgrove
Howard C. Berko
John M . Brown
John Osmon
Scott Huddle
Seiji Kuroda
Steven M. Bellovin