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Re: DSL (was shopping for NOCs)

  • From: Joseph Birthisel
  • Date: Mon Jun 05 15:45:14 2000

> Well
> In my case, I have dialtone but no DSL. Pacbell will not return my calls or
> emails. I am back to a 56K modem for doing work from home.
> The funny thing is Pacbell is showing these commercials against the cable
> modem company on TV. I had cable modem for 2 years before I moved to the Bay
> Area and had only one outage that lasted less than a day (fiber cut, cox
> cable, arizona).
> I think Pacbell hasn't a clue.
> Go figure.
> Bora Akyol

DSL NOCs to my experience are badly run and resolution time is not good
put it nicely). They do not keep good documentation (or their people
choose to use it) on what circuits affect which customers, which ISPs
outages affect, or how to match a CID with a dslam. Most notable in this
is Northpoint's NCC. My hope is that either (a) over time they will get
standardized in their outage notification and communication with the
they partner with (b) the technology becomes outdated soon and customer 
connectivity does not rely on their technical support.