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Provider network status update

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Wed May 31 22:52:47 2000

Some folks sent me corrections to my previous posting.  Here are my updated
comments.  These are my opinions and not the position of my employer, my
country, my planet or any other sentient being.

Abovenet - Public web site with MRTG graphs, and copies of messages from
       their tech contact mailing list.  Mailing list about problems,
       outages, and scheduled maintenance.

AT&T - Public web site with red, yellow, green city to city matrix.  Outage
       portion of the web site is never updated.  Customer only newsgroups
       updated with detailed problem reports. Proactive notification for
       some customers with choice of media.

C&W - First provider with red, yellow, green city to city traffic matric on
      their public web site, but you have to dig to find the problem sites.
      Has an outage mailing list, but never any mail and even C&W employees
      seem unsure of its purpose.

Earthlink - Customer web site with network status.

Exodus - Public web site with major trouble tickets available.

Genuity/GTEI/BBN - Customer only network status web site.  Public "finger"
      access to trouble tickets, including master tickets. Proactive
      notification of customers of problems with customer choice of
      notification media.

Globalcenter - Customer only web site for dialup users only.  Mailing list
      notification for all other customers.

Mindspring - Public network status web site with current trouble tickets.

PSI - used to have a detailed "finger" and public web site network status
      page, starting last month I get an access denied message.

SBC/PBI - Public web site with current network status.  Frequently updated
          and includes resolution or reason for outage.

Sprint - Web site describes scheduled and emergency maintenance mailing
         lists.  Only scheduled maintenance notices posted on web site,
         unscheduled interruptions not listed.  Other people report
         receiving outage and maintenance notification via e-mail.  Call
         phone number to hear network status.

UUNET - web site lists scheduled maintenance activities, updated for some
        major outages.  Says details will follow, but usually the web page
        returns to all systems normal message every few hours whether
        or not the problem is fixed.  Mailing list for customers. Has a 15
        minute proactive notication guarantee.

Verio - Customer mailing list for outages, maintenance, and Oops messages.
        Web site network status page real soon.