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Re: DSL (was shopping for NOCs)

  • From: John Hall
  • Date: Wed May 31 22:19:44 2000

Bradly Walters wrote:
> 1.  Other types of DSL running in your bundle
> of copper. (Say, you have aDSL for your home
> use, but the Telco uses PairGain's DSL to
> distribute their T1 services.)

That effects bandwidth available between the CO and house.  The problems
I'm having are all at the CO or later.  Currently, the voice line is not
connected to the DSL injector at the CO, they are moving things around
and have cut or unplugged the wire again (at least that's been their
excuse before).  The second problem is packet loss at an aggregating
router for the ISP (, I can get to routers closer to me
with no loss.  They claim the router's CPU is overloaded.  It seems
a surmountable problem to me, they just don't seem to want to fix it
very fast.
> 2.  A lot of the equipment is still WAY TOO
> NEW for Telco use.

Agreed, but I think the problems I'm seeing are planning and pilot errors.
> I'm sure there is a murder of training
> and traffic engineering issues that still
> need to be worked out...

> -brad (Rural CNE)

I think this is off-topic enough to be getting annoying, so I'll shut up
unless they come back with a real explanation.  I'm not holding my breath.

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