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Re: shopping for NOCs

  • From: John Hall
  • Date: Wed May 31 17:26:07 2000

Joseph Birthisel wrote:
> The people do make the difference.

Case in point:  Last night I called USless West to complain (again) about
the horrible service on my DSL connection.  I'm seeing between 4% and 30%
packet loss continuously since their big (unreported, 'cept here) outage
a week or so ago.  Last time I called the rep. could barely spell DSL and
all they did was search their knowledgebase and read the answers back.
This time, the guy did a bunch of pings and traceroutes, found the leaky
router (which I confirmed) and put in a Trouble Ticket with
No resolution yet, but the person made ALL the difference.  Too bad, US
West has so few good people.

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