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Re: pop server in an ISP environment

  • From: Peter van Dijk
  • Date: Tue May 30 14:29:26 2000

On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 11:22:21AM -0400, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
> > Indeed. For example, for the company I work for (that is burdened by the
> > 64k limit right now because of lot's of stock linux 2.0.x kernels), I am
> > developing a mail-solution that doesn't chew up UIDs for popboxes.
> Try the user-less qmail install, HOWTO at:
> We're about to implement this.

I have looked at it but it does not fit my needs at all. The system I'm
developing (which _is_ based on qmail tho), has several advantages. Also, I
don't need 'user-less' stuff, because all customers already have a
hosting-account for FTP and shell.

The big advantage is that users own and control their own mailinglists,
popoboxes, forwards and all that and normally don't need _any_ intervention
from us to get anything done. This also allows for easy quota-enforcing and
accounting - all stuff from one customer is under 1 UID. 

With that user-less stuff, AFAICS the admin needs to do work for each
popbox created. This ofcourse can be automated, but is still a centralized
process. We are moving towards decentralization as far as possible while
still keeping a grip.

Greetz, Peter.
[email protected] - Peter van Dijk [student:developer:madly in love]