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Re: UUNet?

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Mon May 29 05:36:32 2000

> INSnet (admittedly not a tier-1) has a pretty neat policy on
> disclosure, even including a detailed description of the fixes
> for problems as well as the causes of them, which is nice.
> See <URL:> for an idea of it.

Erm, how should I say this, erm "bollocks" (TM).

Since their purchase by Clueless and Witless, that went out of the window.
They may claim it, they may advertise it, but an increasing number of
clients and potential clients (of ours) have asked us to propose
multi-homing and/or renumbering projects to them - and the commonality ?
INSnet. Their sales people still claim that their core network has never
failed and other such crap. I know from working with their customers (more
than three shall we say) that thei attitude towards disclosure and failure
is one of silence.

One customer got some compensation, but this was through the 'net equivalent
of the Bosman ruling (for non football fans this will be meaningless :).
When your are near the end of a term contract and you get screwed for 3 days
on a service you naturally consider you options...