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Re: pop server in an ISP environment

  • From: John Butler
  • Date: Fri May 26 10:01:17 2000

Thus spake Muljawan Hendrianto ([email protected]):
> Another issue is high availability, does any body use server clustering in an ISP environment?  
> I am thinking about having a Sun Cluster for these pop servers, but will I need a special HA agent ?

Stick a bunch of them behind a server load balancer like a
Foundry ServerIron or an F5. Then you don't have to worry about
who the server vendor is. Then you can use FreeBSD boxen for the
servers and save a chonka dough.

> What about LDAP for user's authentication ? Is it recommended to use ?

I haven't used LDAP yet, but have you looked into RADIUS? I think LDAP
is newer, so it might have better features, but as I recall, both are
open standards, and open standards should always prevail.