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Re: UUNet?

  • From: Brian Wallingford
  • Date: Fri May 26 03:20:53 2000

On 25 May 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:
: Didn't want to affect Worldcom's stock price with unfounded rumors.  I
: was assured by a Worldcom V.P. last summer Worldcom will do a better
: job keeping any customer affected fully informed.  I have to give Worldcom
: a fair shot at showing they will live up to their word.

They've been (for the past 6 months, give or take) sending notifications
to the tune of "You may be experiencing an outage due to [yadda, yadda]."
I've received at least three of these in that time, and haven't seen a
significant outage since late June of '98.  After each instance, I
received a general "your line is up now, please contact [so-and-so] if you
are experiencing problems" (pardon the quotes, all of the above is
paraphrased).  This applies to both DS1 and DS3 circuits.

Of course, none of these outages were reported on,
and only a small percentage of real outages before were.  Realtime honest
updating of that site would be, IMHO, preferable to a general, 
poorly-directed broadcast like the above.

I suppose this is better than my tri-yearly call from Verio's NOC, letting
me know that I have three DS1's in alarm (all of which have been turned
down for over a year).  The irony is that they rarely noticed circuit
drops when the circuits were _supposed_ to be live :)  Sorry for drifting

Perhaps the WCOM marketing guys have decided what "a better job" means :)