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Re: Network/Routing Problem

  • From: Larry Snyder
  • Date: Thu May 25 19:40:57 2000

I don't know who or how many buy their dialup pop's from Starnetinc.
I've gotten my share of stuff originating at one of their dialups.
Every time I've contacted [email protected] (their dialups' reverse
dns), they've been pretty responsive.

Mark Kent <[email protected]> wrote:
> >> I think you are confused. Starnet is a wholesale dialup provider, they are
> >> not spammers
> If they're not spammers then they are (or were) spammer magnets.
> In the past couple of years the majority of spam complaints we've
> received are misdirected at us and better directed at
> We get the complaints because our name is on and people
> draw hasty conclusions instead of digging deeper and uncovering
> and
> -mark