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Re: UUNet?

  • From: Paul Froutan
  • Date: Wed May 24 12:22:34 2000

At 5/24/00 -0400, you wrote:

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Jeff Wheat wrote:

> Does anyone know what happened on Monday? Seems like it has been hushed
> up as I can find no information about
> it anywhere. Contacting UUNet results in them telling us that their
> legal department is working on a press release...

i just called UUnet, and basically asked nicely "what happened on
monday, around 5pm...?"

the support person looked at the logs for my links, and said that they
appeared stable at that point.  i pressed a little more "don't you
have any network status reports for monday?  did someone trip over a
switch or something?"

he said, "oh yah monday!  someone nuked some routing tables, that's 50,000 customers were out, our call queue was crazy!"

the "phone-sex-voice" will get answers out of anybody. ;)

deeann m.m. mikula

When I called, they first said that there was a BGP peering problem, and the answers got more vague from then on. I didn't try the phone-sex-voice though. Maybe I'll do that today!!

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