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Re: Anyone else having on and off problems with netscape.

  • From: Rick Irving
  • Date: Fri May 19 17:29:16 2000

> Yes. Service loads, but it's REALLY slow.  But I don't think I would
> classify it as a DNS problem.

  I would.  :\

> Using Dig: (What're you doing using NSlookup?! Shame on you! Plech!)

  Heh. Would you feel better if I told you I started with
a SIGINT to named, and a grep'd through the output  ?


  However, I found the multiple response back from a single nslookup
query interesting.....


> [[email protected] pbarber]$ dig a
> ; <<>> DiG 8.2 <<>> a 
> 1m43s IN CNAME
> 16m55s IN A
> [snip]

  Actually, one might note that this appears to be leaking
in via central B'cast/UDP regions along the NAP's....

  Someone Colo a Japanese nameserver in JAM Space , or optionally,
a Japanese Root mirror ? At least one possible hypothesis ......

  BTW: About a week here, as well... (not years, for -us- anyway)