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Re: IGPs and services?

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Thu May 18 11:01:02 2000

On Thu, 18 May 2000, Bryan C. Andregg wrote:

> > their packets more efficiently.  Consider a case where you have a few
> > access servers and unix servers on the same switch and a router connecting
> > that POP to your backbone.  Having a routing protocol on those unix boxes
> > means they can send packets directly to the appropriate access server (or
> > the router) rather than everything to the router, just to have it spit the
> > packets back out headed for an access server on that segment.
> Pardon my ignorance here, but wont ICMP redirects take care of this situation
> already?

Some platforms don't deal well relying on redirects.  The first time they
try to reach a destination, a redirect causes them to insert a host route
in their routing table.  If that destination moves (say a static IP
connecting to whatever access server they happen to hit), some OS's will
refuse to accept further redirects pointing the destination toward a
different gateway.

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