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Re: IGPs and services?

  • From: R.P. Aditya
  • Date: Wed May 17 02:47:28 2000

The scenario the original poster described, wanting to have regionally based
caching DNS servers for clients is a fine example of when in fact it is a good
and plausible idea to run a routing protocol on a Unix machine.

I've run ospf on the DNS servers to redistribute the same /32 loopback address
at different pops on local machines. I know of at least one large provider who
uses BGP to achieve the same thing...It works well because bind tends to be
far more stable and robust than the routing protocol program.

I would recommend BGP since you can filter everything to the (DNS) server and
only announce the /32...

I can imagine doing the same thing for smtp relay boxes, never tried it


In message <[email protected]>, "Roeland M.J. Meyer" writes:
> > [email protected]: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 10:34 PM
> > What  is  the  general  feeling  about running  routing  protocols  on
> > web/dns/mail servers?