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Inter-Provider Latency Measurements

  • From: Lloyd Taylor
  • Date: Mon May 15 23:25:33 2000


I've been playing around with inter-backbone latency measurements using
an N^2 matrix of Keynote agents.  The results were interesting enough
that I've put up a website that shows TCPOpen latency numbers (last
hour and last 24 hours) for seven US backbones.

Have a look at:

and let me know your thoughts.  Please review the "About this site"
link at the bottom of the main page for details on measurements and
methodology.  Note especially that these are *not* web measurements.
The values are the number of mS required to establish a TCP

I'm especially interested in your opinions on the thresholds and the
use of geometric means in the calculations.

Please send comments to me directly, as there is no need to clog up the
NANOG list.  I'll summarize after a few days if there's interest.