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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Rodney L Caston
  • Date: Mon May 15 19:51:25 2000

Giving this some thought, (something i never do before posting to nanog
nromally), I assume initally only the larger ISPs would opt for such a
purchase of that magnatude, lets say these new routers go into production,
and only the largest ISPs buy them, now we have largest ISPs listening to
the annoucements of /24s in space normally disallowed, now over time other
ISPs will still refuse to listen to those annoucements except for the ones
with these new magical routers. Consider that for a moment, Quickly
customers will ditch their ISP for one of the few who will annouce and
will listen to the networks. Image the Markering Dept nightmare with ISPs
claiming to be able to "Route more of the net then our competitor. This is
why we have policy disallowing this, if ISPs aren't on the same page, this
sort of nonsense scenario would happen, since we do have policy, and a
ounce of sense, this scenario should never happen. The net must route, but
lets all do it the same way, shall we?

On Mon, 15 May 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> On Mon, 15 May 2000 15:05:45 EDT, Chris Williams <[email protected]>  said:
> > > "routers with faster bgp implemetations are what is needed" is what we
> > > say, but the question a vendor asks is "does it increase my profit
> > > margin, revenues, or market position?".  what we "want" is mostly
> > > irrelevant.
> > Don't you think introducing something which is A) In significant demand,
> > and B) Nobody else has, generally works to increase one's market share?
> You (and a lot of other people) seem to have forgotten a line item:
> C) Price Point.  How much are people willing/able to PAY for such a feature,
> and how many do you have to sell at that price to offset the R&D costs?
> Sure, *any* good router vendor can build a router that can handle 100 million
> routing table entries.  The questions are (a) can they do it for a pricetag
> of under $2M, and (b) how many will they sell?
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