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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Chris Williams
  • Date: Mon May 15 15:11:14 2000

I'm not sure this is really the right forum for this facet of the
discussion, but..

> "routers with faster bgp implemetations are what is needed" is what we
> say, but the question a vendor asks is "does it increase my profit
> margin, revenues, or market position?".  what we "want" is mostly
> irrelevant.

Don't you think introducing something which is A) In significant demand,
and B) Nobody else has, generally works to increase one's market share?

Sure, for various handy features and widgets, you can tell the vendor
how much you want them all day and nothing will get done. Why? Because
although it would be damn handy, and although it might be unique in the
market, it's not actually something which is going to sway a lot of
purchasing decisions -- if it's not a big enough feature that you can
convince management you should switch from Vendor A to Vendor B just
because vendor B has the feature, then it's not going to affect the
current balance of market share very much. They're better off spending
their money on marketing to attract new customers than on developing
your new widget.

On the other hand, arguments like "it will significantly improve the
quality of service we can provide to our customers" or "it will reduce
our operating costs by allowing us to more efficiently route traffic",
tend to more directly impact purchasing decisions. This then represents
a real incentive for vendors.

Really, this seems like kind of a silly argument -- do you honestly
think routers are going to start geting slower and decreasing in