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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: brett watson
  • Date: Mon May 15 14:48:04 2000

> > Gee..., why didn't anyone else think of that?
> > Cisco, are you listening?  You need to make a GSR that does BGP
> > updates faster, ok?  While you're at it, you need to write bug-free
> > software and build routers that never fail, ok?
> C'mon. I'm obviously not suggesting it is as easy as "ask and ye shall
> receive". My point here is that demand drives the market, and if it
> becomes clear that routers with faster BGP implementations are what is
> needed, that is just what the vendors will (eventually, at least)
> develope. 

you're forgetting (or not admitting here) that a corporation's primary
motivators are profit and shareholder value.  a vendor will surely
develop anything that gains them significant market share, or
significant increase in profits, or significant increase in revenues.
driven by demand alone, a market is not.

"routers with faster bgp implemetations are what is needed" is what we
say, but the question a vendor asks is "does it increase my profit
margin, revenues, or market position?".  what we "want" is mostly