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BGP FIltering via IRR

  • From: Jason Lixfeld
  • Date: Mon May 15 08:12:54 2000

Morning, world :)

Over the last little while I've brought up an IRR server and have installed
into it, and updated all of our information which was previously stored in
other IRRs (BTW:  Thanx to everyone who replied with human contacts for the
CW and ANS irrs).

Everything is up to date and ready to go.  Now I can start on the config
generation part of the process.  I started looking into @RtConfig but am not
too happy with it.  I've heard that others have found the same thing and
have fabricated their own ways of extracting information from the IRRs and
inserting them into their routers.  I'm wondering if people could share any
of these with me so I can work on creating my own tool.


Jason A. Lixfeld
Senior Network Engineer
Look Communications Inc. (V.LKC)