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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Jeremy Porter
  • Date: Mon May 15 01:37:13 2000

This is not really supprising if you have been following changes
in RIR address allocation policy, which seems really to me to be
following a trend, more than creating one, but it is worth noting
that the trend exists.

In message <[email protected]>, Geoff Huston write
>Try for another view of the same
>accelerated curve, together with a number of other
>views of the BGP space.
>The interesting aspect to note is the declining amount of address
>space per routing advertisement on average.
>At 05:50 PM 5/13/00, [email protected] wrote:
>>I was just looking through the graphs on Tony's Web site and noticed
>>something somewhat disturbing.  For the first 2000 days of Tony's plots
>>(starting from 1/1/1994) the number of routes has grown roughly by 10,000
>>every 500 days.  so 20k --> 30k, 30k --> 40k, 40k --> 50k, & 50k --> 60k.

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