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RE: Please Format Your Posts

  • From: Roeland Meyer (E-mail)
  • Date: Sun May 14 19:21:46 2000

Okay, I think that I figured it out. This line should auto-wrap at 70
chars. I couldn't find the button because it is hidden when using mime
types, encoded printable. It is now found and checked-boxed.

Please reply and let me know if this wraps properly. My MUA
automatically wraps it for me so I cannot tell the difference from
this end.

In response fo many helpful clues, I suggested Netscape becasue it
also runs under Unix. In my case, I and using MS-Outlook2K, part of
MS-Office2K, under Win2K, on a DELL latitude CS. Yes, that's a laptop.
I left EudoraPro for this setup because of corporate org benefits, the
mail hub is HP OpenMail, rather than exchange. I refuse to use MS
servers, they crash too much (Caldera eServer is much better). The
non-MS solutions simply require too much general magic and have large
a tinker-factor to get them to work right. I use Netscape on my
Caldera Linux/KDE workstation.

For those who may need this information in the future:
In Outlook2K/Tools/Option/Internet E-mail tab
check MIME radio button
set "Encode text using: None
set wrap value(opt.).

Agreed, not exactly intuitive and MS moves it elsewhere every new
version, like it's an easter egg.