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RE: Please Format Your Posts

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Sun May 14 15:25:05 2000

On Sun, 14 May 2000, Roeland Meyer (E-mail) wrote:

> Come ON guys! Use Netscape, under an X session. Do I have to stay 
> stuck in PINE just because of a few old troglodytes? I already have HTML
> and RTF turned off.

Sure, I bet I do more in pine and Procmail then you do under your Netscape
mail package. 

> As soon as I find the wrap switch, I'll hit it.

You may want to find it, then post. 

Since we are on this format tangent, you should also put your reply under
the relevant text of the message you are replying, remove any text that is
not relevant, and generally offer more of your own content then the text
you are including.

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