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Re: Multi-home II

  • From: Rural CNE
  • Date: Sun May 14 11:52:34 2000

> Can you please help point out a good may to multi-home?
> I would like to get a site put in a Co-lo in the west coast
> and one in the east coast.  Both would be different co-lo's.
> Could I get a single ASN and handle both places with different
> subnets under the same ASN?

To be honest, I don't know.  If you're asking how would I
approach this problem here's where I would start...

After that, I would start hunting down somebody who has
done a solution similar to the one above and try to contract
them for the design and implementation.  Putting out a formal
RFP wouldn't hurt either.

-brad (Rural CNE)
[email protected]