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Multi-home I (was CIDR Report)

  • From: Rural CNE
  • Date: Sun May 14 00:07:20 2000

If I understand the thread correctly, part of the growth
problem in the routing tables has been attributed to
small clients with sub/24 address allocations implementing
multi-homed solutions.

As an Internet Access Provider (IAP), I thought I'd share a few opinions...

+ ip allocation +
Address allocation is not very pretty when you start to
move down from the tier 1's.  Upstream providers tend to
grab the "next available" /22, /23, or /24, which is usually
located about a thousand miles away from your current

(Well, you should have planned for growth...)
Agreed, but ARIN and most upstreams do not accept
"I think I'm gonna quadruple my customer base next year"
as a viable excuse.  And for good reason, given the allocation
abuses that have occured in the past.

So now we have these IAP's with multiple /24's scattered haphazardly
across the upstream provider's delegated block.

Now what happens when this IAP multi-homes?

(There are very few valid reasons to multi-home, please consult
with RFC x, BCP y, and an experienced network engineer.)
Roger that.  
+ continued in Multi-home II +

-brad (Rural CNE)