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Contacts for ANS and CW IRRs

  • From: Jason Lixfeld
  • Date: Fri May 12 11:28:49 2000

Morning, all.

Does anyone here work with or know anyone who works with the ANS or CW IRRs?
We're running our own DB now which RADB is mirroring so there is no need to
have objects in other RRs.  I'm trying to get some objects removed that were
added from upstreams many many many moons ago and am having great difficulty
tracking down an administrator who can remove the objects.

I managed to get the rogue RADB objects removed, and someone from BELL
finally got back to me to remove the rogues from their DB.  All that's left
now is CW and ANS.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jason A. Lixfeld
Senior Network Engineer
Look Communications Inc