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Re: Optical Crossconnects and IP

  • From: Jerry Scharf
  • Date: Thu May 11 15:47:36 2000


All the control systems I know of that allow rapid change of rate use mass (a 
known fixed quatity) as a major damping component. Same goes for knowing the 
amount of reactant at any time in chemical processes. I see no comparable 
function on packet switched networks, thus the hardness in creating fast 
stable control systems.

Tell me what the knowns are for an ISP network and compare it to the knowns of 
an airplane (mass, moment, thrust, control surfaces, characteristics of air, 
...) No wonder you can make a F18 turn faster than an ISP routing table. On 
the other hand, being wrong on an ISP routing table has lower cost than an out 
of control F18.

How many of us are old enough to have taken an analog circuits class in 
college? They say build a circuit that has the following resonse, and it 
sounds so easy in class. Three or four hours of lab work later, the fact that 
even simple stuff is hard gets drilled in deeply.