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RE: Re: product liability (was: Virus Update)

  • From: Roeland Meyer (E-mail)
  • Date: Tue May 09 18:28:13 2000

I guess that they've fullfilled theor promise now, don't you?
There is very little training time necessary to write such code for Windoze.

> Shawn McMahon: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 2:45 PM
> On Tue, 9 May 2000, Jim Mercer wrote:
> > it is not enough to say that people don't have time to read 
> and/or patch their systems.
> > 
> > that is like saying that there is no time to train school 
> bus drivers, just send them out to pick up our kids.

> You're talking about a product sold under the advertising promise that
> little to no training is necessary, and with default behavior 
> that makes it
> TRIVIAL to write crap like this.
> Not just possible; not even easy, but TRIVIAL.  Any high 
> school kid with a
> couple of "Idiots Guide to Visual Basic in 21 Days for 
> Dummies" books under
> his belt could have written this, and if he'd had a class on 
> programming
> he'd have written better code than this piece of crap.