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Re: Anybody patching Sendmail to filter _attachments_?

  • From: Alberto Begliomini
  • Date: Tue May 09 02:55:34 2000

Look at This is patch, written
by Petr Rehor, that allows to invoke a antivirus software from inside 
Sendmail . It is a great solution and I have been using it for several 
months with several of my customers. Suffice to say, those of my 
customers which run Sendmail with Petr's patch have experienced very
little impact during the recent virus attack. The only thing that the
patch doesn't do is to handle MIME attachements, and therefore I wrote
a wrapper (, that is less than suboptimal (but works), 
to extract the attachement first then feed it to one or more antivirus 
software (e.g. McAfee, TrenMicro, etc.)


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Bill Woodcock wrote:
> opposed to just by subject line?  We're getting a lot of requests
> from customers that we MX for to just throw away either all attachments or
> any .vbs visual basic attachments.  Obviously the Sendmail-Inc.-approved
> fix is subject-line based, which doesn't take care of that.
> Anybody else working on this already?
>                                 -Bill