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Re: Optical Crossconnects and IP

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Tue May 09 00:02:04 2000

Engineers and comedians must have the same genetic code...

Do I think that OXC for the pure ISP relavent? Probably not, most will use what they know and it does not seem to be OXCs. For the Carrier that might also have a data backbone sure. They will have exposure to this technology and just see it as another piece of the puzzle.

Small achievable steps with big payoffs. That's important. This is a step for the optical world by starting down the road of adding intelligence. Express routing is important, IP backbones will learn to take advantage of that at the higher speeds.

If we understand that carriers are the ones deploy this gear then we must understand that they will be carrying a mix of traffic, voice and data. Therefore, the people deploying this gear have to this into consideration and still provide traditional services but in a more intelligent mannor.

For the data side ODSI is extremely interesting. ODSI has been named by Telecommunications Magazine as one of the top 10 technologies for 2000 (#6). Wouldnt it be nice to provision a circuit on demand without ever dealing with the RBOC.

On that note I will take one of SEAN's pills and go to bed and dream of it.


At 7:36 PM -0400 5/8/00, Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:
At 2:41 PM -0700 5/8/2000, [email protected] wrote:
| Hop-by-hop routing is on its way out....and not soon enough.

Mmmm, those drugs they give out in MPLS-land sure are good, aren't they?


I'm looking at my most recent prescription drug bottle.

It says, in bold letters, READ LABEL BEFORE TAKING.

Does this confirm your observation?

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