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Optical Crossconnects and IP

  • From: Bora Akyol
  • Date: Mon May 08 16:09:01 2000

** Disclaimer; I work for a vendor: PLURIS, but this question concerns a
personal curiosity that I have about OXCs. **

There has been a lot of work going on about how to utilize OXCs in an
internetwork at both OIF and ODSI (and some IDs in IETF).

A couple of themes have been emerging:

1. Use the OXCs to set up paths akin to MPLS LSPs. This is great for
providers that have MPLS, but what about pure IP-based backbones.
2. Decide which routers connect with what other routers (within the same
domain) using configuration. Then use signaling to create circuits between
the routers to connect them.

I would like to hear about what people are thinking about OXCs, how they are
intending on utilizing them, what functionality to they expect from their

Let me put in my two cents worth:

It is hard not to think of the OXC-based circuit model as another overlay
network, but it brings distinct provisioning advantages in terms of speed
and flexibility. There apparently are some cost advantages as well.

On the other hand, the OXC based optical network is a change in some manner
from a converged IP over optical network architecture where IP routers plug
directly into DWDMs and have enough ports to handle all of the traffic.

For NSPs that have already an MPLS or ATM solution, an OXC-based circuit
switched model is not a big leap, but for all IP shops it is. I also don't
see much NSP participation in the relevant standards bodies about signaling
in optical networks.

Thanks in advance

Bora Akyol