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Re: Major .au fiber cut.

  • From: Ronan Mullally
  • Date: Fri May 05 09:20:25 2000

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Roland Dobbins wrote:

> FYI, there are reports of a major fiber cut in Australia, with
> multiple ISPs affected.  Side-effects are said to include major degradation
> of the PSTN, Sydney stock-exchange slowdowns, and cash-machine issues.
> No precise details or ETR known at this time, nor data concerning North
> American/trans-Pacific second-order effects, if any.

Apparently it's fixed:,1450,173,00.html

Temporary Network Outage

05th May, 2000

Some Cable & Wireless Optus? services were accidentally severed today
and were restored in two hours.

The company?s national fibre optic backbone has two independent fibre
links.  Early today the company experienced a fibre cut on one link, near
Nowa Nowa in Gippsland, Victoria caused by a landslip. On-site repairs
began immediately.

In a completely unrelated incident, a second fibre cut to the remaining
link occurred, just after 10.00am, near Wangaratta. This cut was caused 
by contractors working on another company?s network.

Any temporary loss of service experienced after 10.00am was a result of
cuts to both links. By noon repair work on the Nowa Nowa cut was largely
completed and services are being progressively restored. We expect full
service restoration by early afternoon.

?The odds of an incident like this happening are extremely small. We moved
immediately to restore services and apologise to customers who experienced
temporary loss of service during this two hour period,? said Bill Hope,
Cable & Wireless Optus Chief Technical Officer.

For more information:
Optus Media Centre
Phone: 02 9342 7850