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Re: Virus Update

  • From: David Charlap
  • Date: Thu May 04 21:01:42 2000

"Eric A. Hall" wrote:
>> Many mail programs (including Netscape Communicator) have no VBS
>> support in them, so they can not execute virusses like this one.
> Netscape relies on MIME type mappings. If there's a type defined
> (which there is if you have Windows Scripting Host installed) then
> it's an executable attachment. Right-click, "open in new window."

I stand corrected.  I just tested it by writing and mailing myself a VBS
file.  It opened, ran and was able to write my output file (after
approving it in the "security warning" dialog.)  I assumed that NS would
treat VBS like executables.

With an EXE attachment, you don't get the choice of launching it - the
SaveAs dialog appears immediately.

I think I'll inform NS that they've got a bug.  They should be treating
VBS like EXE and COM files.

-- David