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Re: 4-port Ethernet

  • From: Dan Hollis
  • Date: Mon May 01 17:49:13 2000

On Mon, 1 May 2000, David Lesher wrote:
> Unnamed Administration sources reported that Dan Hollis said:
> > Sorry folks these are "hub cards". Eg cards with a *single* ethernet
> > transciever, and 4 hub ports. #510127 is half duplex only.
> Do you have one in hand? I ask because I received explicit
> assurances directly from the retailer's expert that they were
> NOT that; that they had 4 separate ports.

The person I talked to told me explicitly that they were hub cards. Looking
at the product picture I would have to agree -- there is only 1 ethernet
chip on the card. The fact the 10bt one is half duplex only would also
lead to that conclusion.

> They do have a card with a switch.

Its a different part number, #509961. It explicitly states its switched.

The photo for #504034 (4 port 10/100 hub) and #509961 (4 port 10/100
switch) are exactly the same so its hard to say exactly what components
are on each. Both the 4 port 10/100bt hub and the 4 port 10bt hub are
listed as "SOHO use" would lead one to believe the 10/100bt one is a
*hub*. The product listing for the 10/100 switch is very different.

In any case download and have a
look at page 5.

The sales rep I talked to did say that they were some other vendors cards
(anyone know who?) relabeled as ic intracom's "intellinet" product line.