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Re: Cutting to the chase (was RE: ABOVE.NET SECURITY TRUTHS?)

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Mon May 01 17:09:01 2000

Sean Donelan wrote:
> prevent them from speculating because some of their
> speculation will be wrong?
> No.  Its important we get as many possibilities on
> the table.  But we need

Well, please can we not have the infinite number of possibilities,
raised mostly by those without access to any data, each trumpetted
ad-nauseam on NANOG.

A. Speculation != Operation

B. Advice to posters on the subject of speculating on the misfortunes
   of other people's networks: Before posting, remember 'your network
   could be next'. If you are not a network operator, consider
   why you are writing in the first place. If you think your
   network is immune from being next, either (a) it's vanishingly
   small, (b) you have an ego problem, or (c) stop wasting
   time writing to NANOG & go patent your holy grail.

[ & Sean, your fiber cut reports are the opposite of
  ill-informed speculation ]

Alex Bligh
VP Core Network, Concentric Network Corporation
(formerly GX Networks, Xara Networks)