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Re: Cutting to the chase (was RE: ABOVE.NET SECURITY TRUTHS?)

  • From: Jeff Haas
  • Date: Mon May 01 10:15:49 2000

It is wise to remember that although many of the posters on this
list consider it "community" that we have lurkers with "other"
intentions.  This may vary from script kiddies to the media.

Even when one exposes the issues in one's network/equipment/etc. one
still airs dirty laundry.  The trick is to make sure it stinks as
little as possible.  Unfortunately, the longer the dirty laundry sits
at the bottom of the pile, the worse it will stink when it ends up on
the top.

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 11:32:25PM -0400, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> Not that I'm a money-grubbing, stock-sucking bastard, but speaking
> as a member of the "community", I'm a little spooked by how reckless
> journalism, and off-hand comments on mailing lists, affect peoples
> (read: companies) financial futures (this is actually just the tip
> of the proverbial iceberg).

> - paul

Jeffrey Haas - Merit RSng project - [email protected]