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The Boston *KEY* Party...

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Mon May 01 03:25:55 2000

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000, Chris Adams wrote:

> idea in any case (strong encryption and encrypting everything). This requires 
> ISPs to install the wiretaps at their cost; coupled with RIP this means that 
> you know the government will be recording your traffic and they can very 
> easily require you to give them any encrypted traffic.

Doubt that this will happen with big companys like the one who has been
sending me trial CD's for years but, if we were to be
"required" by some "authority?" to not only provide wiretapping capability
but to PAY for them, I believe that I would have to draft a letter to all
customers in that particular juristiction somewhere along the lines of:

Dear Customer:

Due to the complete and to total epidemic of "HUA Disease" (Head up Ass)
that has swept through your governing powers, (Insert ASP/ISP/NSP Company
name here) will cease to offer services in (Insert geographic location
here) effective (insert deadline for wiretap install here).

Additionally, (Insert ASP/ISP/NSP) is implementing routing policys
immediately that will seperate routes from the free world from routes
within (Insert geographic location here) and will be allowing our
customers in the free world the option of preventing their networks from
reaching those under the thumb of your government.


I know.  It's purely a political statement.  Perhaps the UK would think
differently about the situation if they found that they were now isolated
from the rest of the free-thinking world.

This also brings to mind some juristictional issues.  What do you think
I'm going to do if the "Home Office" calls me requesting my keys?  I'll
give you a hint.  It's two words and the first one starts with "F".  My
key-pair is none of anyone elses business and since I'm not in the UK,
what can the do about it?

This seems to be a good way to put all of the UK owned ASP/ISP/NSPs out of
business.  Then again, that may be what the government wants.