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  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Sun Apr 30 14:12:31 2000

>Careful on this. There are a number of systems out there (Sun's in particular)
>that equate toggling on the serial line to a halt/shutdown command. Imagine
>your surprise when you reboot your cheap terminal server only to discover your
>vendors routers/switches/BSD-based load balancers/etc. employ this feature

you'd think i'd know by now that powercycling one particular box of
mine will always kill the egress router.  i never learn.  it took me
about a year of "wtf?!" to actually get used to remembering that
powercycling the box with the serial console on it will send a "break"
to the router and i need to boot as fast as possible, tip in, and "c"

later i just pulled the cable off.  it was easier and i ended up
accessing the router less than i was rebooting it because i hadn't
recalled yet exactly what i'd done wrong.  brain slow.

but i can also appreciate the statement from the angle of one who
plugs and unplugs sun keyboard cables as well: that's also a break
signal.  at least...until we upgraded to e450s and left the keys
(removed, but) in the locked position so that the machine would ignore
the standard set of break signals.

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