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  • From: Henry R. Linneweh
  • Date: Sat Apr 29 12:24:06 2000

I think it was more basic than this, I watch patterns of events over
months and sometimes years, there have been some occurrences
of transitory attack and or spams through and I believe
that this spawned from those connections being denied transit

I do find it possible, for the other events to have probable
cause, however being denied transit seems the more realistic
of causes to piss someone off enough to attack.

The second choice would be some aspiring 12 year old
who is feeling his oats and simply experimenting with
packet toys...

My fundamental question here is where is the directory where
all these new DDoS toyz and other forms of destruction
located at?

How are they getting to these programs?
A solution is system wide scans for code segments in
programs that spawn attacks and remove them and the
users who have them without a valid reason.

Search records for ssh, stelnet, telnet connections to
boxes other than the primary account.

Tighten up on hosted domains TOS and force Domain registrars
to cancel domains involved in criminal activity.

This is the only way to make people realize, that harming the
fabric of the network is unacceptable, irregardless of the intent
or cause.

Exiled Dave wrote:

> A thought just came to me.
> My experience with, and, leaves
> me to KNOW that a certain exodus engineer's wife works
> as an engineer at Reading the quote at
> Quoted:
> "Vixie says the company has speculated widely as to
> the motive for the attack and concluded that it could
> have emerged from one of two "completely useless
> categories." One category includes competitors that
> the company took a customer away from, disgruntled
> former employees or customers who had been
> disconnected because they were spamming. The other
> category, said Vixie, includes "someone who has
> something to prove and wants to bring our network down
> and wants to brag about it." "
> Ebay WAS at exodus, then half of it went to above.
> Maybe this is just the "conspirator" in me, but, what
> if that husband/wife team was 'contracted' for
> revenge, for the ebay move, and participated in paid
> corporate espionage?
> :)
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Thank you;
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Henry R. Linneweh