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  • From: Bora Akyol
  • Date: Sat Apr 29 00:28:52 2000

I don't think so.

There is even a port of ssh to the Palm Pilot.

In this day and age, I think that saying that encryption is expensive is a myth.

Even if it were, I think the security that it buys you is well worth it.

Also, most new(er) and high end routers out there should have more than enough
processing power to handle ssh, no? I know ours does.


"Steven M. Bellovin" wrote:

> As for the expense of ssh -- the big issue is login, when a lot of public
> key operations are taking place.  But even output is rather expensive,
> since it's doing a 3DES operation for each eight output bytes.  Worse
> yet, if the output is passed to the sshd piece a byte at a time, it will
> do a 3DES operation for each byte.  That almost certainly happens for
> each keystroke, but most people don't type enough or fast enough for that
> to be an issue.