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  • From: Bandy Rush
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 18:55:56 2000

--- Exiled Dave <[email protected]> wrote:
> Maybe this is just the "conspirator" in me, but,
> what
> if that husband/wife team was 'contracted' for
> revenge, for the ebay move, and participated in paid
> corporate espionage?

lets stop the public mudslinging, as it is totally
uncalled for. next you will be saying Elian, Elvis,
Mitnick, and a few Area51 employees co-conspirited on
the issue, in addition to leaving some crop
circles last nite, and swinging by 50 W Market to
leave a suspicious package on MAE-West's doormat. for
some reason, i highly doubt this will be investigated
by Fox and Mulder of X-Files fame, so let it rest. All
we need is our CIDR Report and we will be fine...


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