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  • From: Exiled Dave
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 17:47:08 2000

A thought just came to me.

My experience with, and, leaves
me to KNOW that a certain exodus engineer's wife works
as an engineer at Reading the quote at


"Vixie says the company has speculated widely as to
the motive for the attack and concluded that it could
have emerged from one of two "completely useless
categories." One category includes competitors that
the company took a customer away from, disgruntled
former employees or customers who had been
disconnected because they were spamming. The other
category, said Vixie, includes "someone who has
something to prove and wants to bring our network down
and wants to brag about it." "

Ebay WAS at exodus, then half of it went to above.

Maybe this is just the "conspirator" in me, but, what
if that husband/wife team was 'contracted' for
revenge, for the ebay move, and participated in paid
corporate espionage?


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