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  • From: Danny McPherson
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 17:22:37 2000

IMO, it requires more than this.  Ideally, one-time, token-based (i.e. SecurID)
passwords, coupled with SSH, is the best solution, especially with the turnover
rates at providers these days.  

Of course, this also requires that all the backend (RADIUS, configuration management,
etc..) and out-of-band systems are secure, which is another rathole altogether.

As for this incident, well, I think if the intial intent of the 
"divulging message" was simply to remind folks to change their 
passwords, the points been made.


> I don't think you can.  However, I use TACACS on all my switches and 
> routers.  From what I know, TACACS passwords are encrypted using the key on 
> your network devices and the TACACS server.  So, that, in combination with 
> a private management LAN not accessible by your customers should lock down 
> your network pretty effectively.  Any comments?