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  • From: Exiled Dave
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 16:13:40 2000

Ive had some private messages asking if i was involved
in this. I wasnt. I was asked to write this initial
email by someone who KNOWS the real truth of what
happened at above, and why they are being so

Lets think about this, cisco in no way has such a flaw
that would allow someone to 'root' and erase all the
info on switches. The password was sniffed.

Unless above has some employee who felt the need to do
do this. But, my Above rep laughling CONFIRMED that
this was the problem. COMMON PASSWORDS. 

Cant we make it a LITTLE tougher on the script
And not make EVERY MAJOR switch the same password?

This is safe to post, because my above sales rep told
me what the old password was. God. THATS SECURITY.
Sales reps telling Clients OLD PASSWORDS.
So, if we wanna verify my authenticity, Here's what
she told me:

Sound framiliar Above? Im suprised by lack of comment
from you. 

Im out to HELP. Not to hurt.

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