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wow, Internet fiction must really sell. (abovenet)

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Thu Apr 27 22:36:51 2000

iDEFENSE should sell the hallucinogens they're 
in clear possession/consumption of
rather than the keystrokes they type while peaking.

reckon the profit margin would be much higher

f%^&ng ridiculous.
the `i' must stand for imaginary

   >From: Jerry Irvine <[email protected]>
   >Subject: iDEFENSE iALERT: AboveNet Update, Evolved DDoS Tool Used
   >Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 17:18:43 -0400
   >Importance: high
   >X-Priority: 1
   >Evolved Version of DDoS Tool Poses Significant New Threat to Business
   >iDEFENSE Intelligence Services
   >April 26, 2000
   >5:10 pm (EST)
   >iDEFENSE believes that the behavior of the attack against AboveNet is an
   >example of the logical progression of distributed denial of service tools.
   >The devastating potential of this evolved tool was demonstrated during
   >Tuesday's attack against AboveNet which took down one of the world's leading
   >ISPs, for five hours, affecting companies such as eBay and
   >AboveNet also hosts sites for AOL and numerous other high profile companies.
   >The extent of the disruption against these sites is not clear at this point.
   >The evolved tool can attack with a speed and viciousness not even seen
   >during the attacks in early Feb. It appears to have a significantly enhanced
   >ability to communicate with an army of drones which can then in turn talk to
   >other drones at a significantly greater speed than what could be done by
   >other DDoS tools earlier in the year. These older tools operated by sending
   >one command from a master out to numerous zombies, the evolved version
   >allows the attack to reach critical mass instantaneously and may prove
   >significantly more difficult for investigators to identify the suspect.
   >In light of this new development, companies need to immediately review their
   >incident response procedures in order to make sure they are adequate to
   >manage this threat. Having redundancies and multi-homing built into their
   >systems are key to minimizing the impact of an attack such as this.
   >While the motive for the attack is unclear at this point, the potential for
   >future strikes in the coming weeks against AboveNet and/or other major ISPs
   >and Web sites cannot be ruled out.
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   >vulnerabilities, and incidents to iDEFENSE's clients.
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