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Re: Over subscription

  • From: Jonathan R. Wilner
  • Date: Thu Apr 27 15:35:14 2000

If you're delivering "Infinite Global Infrastructures", shouldn't
oversubcription not be an issue? :-)

Sorry-that was too easy.


On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Arun Welch wrote:

> What level of over subscription are people generally using for their tail
> circuits these days. In other words, if you've got a POP connected by one
> T3, how many customers (T1 and T3) would you typically connect to that POP
> (I'm just looking for generalities here, nothing exact)? I've got some
> numbers, but they're about 4 years old, and I suspect things have changed
> since then.
> ...arun
> Arun Welch
> Infinite Global Infrastructures