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Re: DSL problems (PacBell and Covad)

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Thu Apr 27 13:34:01 2000

    > I don't know if it is policy across BA turf, but they are telling us that
    > Massachusetts response time for a trouble ticket is 72 hours.
    > If a single circuit goes down, it
    > can take up to 72 hours for the tester to pick up your ticket.

That's the theory here in Pac Bell country as well...  However we have DSL
lines for some of our employees' houses, and one of them went down a week
and a half ago.  After seven days, I got email back confirming that I'd
opened a ticket, and giving me the ticket number.  I called back today,
three days later, and found out that although a ticket had been opened, it
was still in queue, and they didn't expect to get to it today.  So that's
ten days and counting.