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RE: WINS Proxy vs. Cisco IP Helper

  • From: Roeland Meyer (E-mail)
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 16:01:57 2000

If you want a really good discription of how WINS servers interoperate, see the Smaba documentation/browsing.txt especially concerning WINS interactions across sub-nets and sub-domains. It clarified stuff for me that the MS dox left very muddied.

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> Subject: WINS Proxy vs. Cisco IP Helper
> Greetings!
> I have a bit of a philosophical question regarding the use of 
> a WINS Proxy
> versus using Cisco's IP Helper to forward UDP datagram 
> packets off to a central
> WINS server.  Let me give some background to the setup of the 
> company I work
> for.
> Currently we are noticing that we have too many WINS servers 
> running throughout
> our divisions and some of our servers are corrupting the WINS 
> database.  As a
> whole our IS divisional managers will be meeting soon and 
> would like to discuss
> this situation and limit our WINS servers down to one per 
> division.  We have a
> total of five divisions; the fifth is a central office where 
> for the most part
> the whole company looks to as the head office.  Each division 
> is also split up
> into regions, which usually have a hub site that is connected 
> up to the division
> hub site then to our main hub site (the fifth division).  All 
> of our locations
> are setup on frame relay and all of them have Cisco 1600 
> routers.  Currently we
> have a WINS server at the division site, and two regions with 
> WINS servers in
> them.  The Cisco routers use IP helper at our spoke sites to 
> forward the UDP
> datagram packets from the local LAN of the spoke sites up to 
> the WINS server for
> that region.  The regional WINS servers then push pull up to 
> the division WINS
> server and the division WINS server push pulls up to the 
> company's main hub site
> (fifth division) thereby syncing the entire company.
> By limiting the divisions to a single WINS server obviously 
> the regional WINS
> servers will either need to go away or they will need to be 
> replaced with WINS
> proxy servers that will proxy the requests back up to the 
> divisional server.
> My concern is to whether it would be wiser for us to dump the 
> regional WINS
> servers altogether and change IP helper to point back to the 
> division WINS
> server instead, or to go ahead and shut down the regional 
> WINS servers and
> replace them with WINS proxying.  I have come to the 
> conclusion that either way
> would take the same amount of bandwidth, and as far as 
> redundancy is concerned
> we can simply change the secondary WINS server address in 
> DHCP to the main hub
> site's address.
> Does anyone here have a relevant opinion on this matter, or 
> any reasons not to
> implement one or the other of the solutions?
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