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Re: Gigabit Traffic Monitoring

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Mon Apr 24 18:56:14 2000

fellow at niksun also pointed me to
i'll try to get those three up on the taxonomy
(narus: NT/solaris, seems to have a billing focus?
netscout: seems to be RMON2-based, with gigE support for that
niksun: freebsd-based, also a bunch of other media
	(t1,e1(ppp&fr), v.35, HSSI, normal enets (10/100), fddi, 
	soon atm+pos oc3+12)), optimizations for capturing speed,
	closest to coral kind of stuff.  supposed to ship june 2000.
haven't used any of them, if others want their 
comments in taxonomy, anonymized or not, forward to me?



On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 09:28:03AM -0500, Steve Dispensa wrote:
  I've had good luck with Netscout ( for other products, and
  I know they have Gig-E taps (two on order now) and I think they have OC-12
  taps too.
  Stephen Dispensa, CCIE #5444
  Network Engineering
  Sprint Broadband Wireless Group
  913-315-9410 (work)
  800-724-3508 (pager)
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  Subject: Gigabit Traffic Monitoring
      Does anybody know a product to do Gigabit Ethernet traffic monitoring,
      CoralReef does for OC3/OC12 ?
      Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  am not aware of anyone currently shipping such a monitor,
  (i'd pay good money to be wrong tho)
  although several companies are planning to add gig-e to
  their existing monitoring products.
  caida does have funding from darpa to develop a
  gigabit ethernet monitor, & we will make that system
  work w coralreef, but unfortunately i can't nail down
  a ship date at this time
  hopefully someone will point out a product
  i missed and i'll add it to the taxonomy