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NASA contact info

  • From: hardie
  • Date: Mon Apr 24 16:22:42 2000

Try 256-544-1450 or 256-961-4000; that's the wide area monitoring
group that took over some of the NISN functions during the transition
to CSOC.  I just checked and 256-544-1450 does give you a real human
who does know what peering means.  They may not be the right people
for everything, but they are probably a decent start.  You can also
try the EIS Helpdesk group at 1 888-564-2762, but they will probably
make you wait on hold before transferring you to the WAN group.  If
you are looking for help with something specific (like
e.root-servers), you might want to post a general sense of what it is,
as some of the NASA alumni still help out with stuff that got dropped
during all of the transitions.

For those of you keeping score, the host noted below
was part of the NASA Science Internet Project, which got folded into
NISN, the NASA Integrated Services Network, which was folded into the
Consolidated Space Operations Contract.  
				Ted Hardie
				"22 re-orgs during 4 years at NASA"

the email address we have on file for the nasa noc is broken.  anyone have
more current info?

    550 <[email protected]>... User unknown

calls to the non-800 nunber in our data base get "no such number"

a call to the 800 number gets us a nice person who gives us email addresses
which also do not work.

and jared's list has nothing for nasa.